the little éclair

The name of this spot, the little éclair, came from a few different places. . .

First, my husband and I are big fans of nicknames; rarely do we use one another’s given names in our house. One of his nicknames for me is “little éclair”–no idea quite where it came from, but it always makes me laugh.

Second, we had the best éclair on our honeymoon in San Francisco. Being the good sport (and eater) that he is, my husband let me drag him around the city to different bakeries that I’d read about in magazines, blogs, and cookbooks. One of these was Tartine. Tartine is one of those perfect bakeries–great spot, classic cases of beautiful treats, warm smelling breads, and the buzz and energy of happy people. Plus, everything is absolutely lovely to look at and delicious to taste. Traveling to and eating at places like Tartine on our honeymoon inspired me and made me want to create this site.

And lastly, there’s this great book. It’s a cookbook–Sweet Paris by Michael Paul–and it’s wonderful and the perfect book to help inspire a project like the little éclair. I wish I could flip through the pages and show them to you–it’s a beautiful book, especially for someone who loves pouring over cookbooks. The book’s subtitle is “A Love Affair with Parisian Chocolate, Pastries, and Desserts”–how perfect does that sound?? My mom gave me this book one Christmas, and while I’ve never been to the City of Light, it doesn’t take a visit to know that France has mastered all things sweet. And Sweet Paris is lovely, with great writing (both recipes and stories) and stunning photography. Some of the recipes are challenging, and I thought this blog would be the perfect spot to work through them, learn, and share. The little éclair isn’t all about the book (or Paris or sweets), but those pieces are inspiring and fun.


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