perfection: salted caramel sauce

I have a feeling that, once in a while, I’m going to be compelled to share those “perfect things”–foods, products, restaurant meals, etc. Some things are just too good not to share!

Like this:

Sauce Jar IMG_2785

Now Trader Joe’s has so many great things, but this stuff is serious business. I generally discover things there in one of three ways: via a random find due to pretty packaging or a craving, creeping on other shoppers’ carts, or sampling. This was a sample win. The evening it was out in the store, I’m pretty sure I told every employee I saw that it was the “best sample day ever”. (It was being served WARM on top of the best vanilla ice cream ever, what was I supposed to do?) It’s that good.

Ice Cream IMG_2786

This sauce is so smooth, and has that sweet, browned butter taste with the perfect amount of salt. (And it’s salt you can actually taste, which is nice–sometimes I think the “salted” descriptor might be overused…) I like to heat it up for just a few seconds in the microwave before I pour it over the ice cream. While it’s perfect with vanilla ice cream, I’ve also had quite excellent experiences combining it with other flavors like coffee, caramel, and the always delicious Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

You probably need this.