inspiration, part II

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.

                                                                                          –Julia Child

While I mention this in the name page of this site, I couldn’t resist sharing the second part of the inspiration behind the little éclair.

I love reading cookbooks. Is that weird? The combination of a special cookbook, a glass of white wine/tea/hot chocolate, and a blanket probably means I’m having a pretty wonderful quiet evening. Sweet Paris is perfect for that. It’s full of stories and descriptions that make you feel like you are (or wish that you were) strolling the streets of Paris, eating your way through the beautiful city. If you’re like me and have never been there, it further fills your head with daydreams.

Looking through the book and some of its challenging recipes is part of what inspired the little éclair. While I don’t plan to focus solely on this particular book (or on desserts, or on any one thing really), I do want to work my way through it over time. And document the process–its lessons, and hopefully successes–along the way. I’m going to try everything, including of course, the éclair.

(There are so many cookbooks I love that I promise to share. For now, my building list lives here.)



Looking through photos from our June honeymoon to San Francisco & wine country–including the one at the top of this page, of candlelit wine flights and a lobster roll at a beautiful little wine bar, and the two below, of grapes at a Napa winery and a beautiful view from our downtown hotel–made me realize a couple things I love (besides my new husband): food and photography.

Napa Grapes


There are of course other things, too — like summer, looking at fancy houses online, organizing things, the Olympics, our cat — and while I’m sure they’ll all make appearances, they don’t seem to fit quite as well into the foundation of a fun blog that anyone outside of my mind could possibly enjoy.

So. . . the little éclair. For fun. 🙂

(And if you want to know more about me, this site, or where the name came from, please do!)