Very Briefly. Lauren. Lover of food and photography. And sunshine. Newlywed. Italian. Attorney. 20s. Indianapolis.

Less Briefly. I thought it would be fun to have a place to keep track of, and share, things that I really enjoy. Two things in particular: food and photography. In its current incarnation, the little éclair is a place for things that are beautiful to me: yummy recipes and pretty photography, along with some other notes and daydreams.

Not So Briefly. I’m Lauren–hi! I’m a (relatively) newly minted attorney living in downtown Indianapolis. I live in a cozy spot with my husband and our cat, Oliver. Our house has a big porch, pretty trees, a fireplace, and wood floors; works for me. The kitchen is small but pretty–gets the job done and I’m happy when I’m in it.

While not lawyering away twenty-eight floors up, I’m usually cooking/baking, reading (books, blogs, and magazines), dreaming up ideas for a bakery (sunny decor, old-fashioned recipes, ice cream sandwiches in the summer), taking/looking at pictures, enjoying my family and friends, or having a glass of white wine  (or hot coffee, depending on the season) on our porch.

I’m the kind of gal who would happily plan vacations around food: finding the quiet little local coffee shop, the best taco stand, the perfect ice cream, lobster rolls on the beach, or the oldest bar in town. My husband loves all things food, too, so this works well, as he’ll plan these trips with me, and let him me drag him to bakeries and pastry shops all over San Francisco. I also always have my camera–I took photography and design classes in college, and have recently been getting reacquainted, since the killer of many hobbies (aka law school) has passed.

I thought it would be fun to crate a space to write and to share these things, particularly because what I spend my workdays doing has absolutely nothing to do with them at all. Maybe that will change someday, but for now, I figured I’d just set up my own sunny little corner of the web.


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