photography project

Photoshop is an amazing program–and so fun! I wanted to share a project of mine that I’d been working on in Photoshop. I’m loving it, and am excited about the way it turned out.

This is the photo in its more natural state. I’ve certainly worked with it in Photoshop, but only to enhance it, not really to change it. I really like this photo–the colors are so bright and vivid.

Buds 2 IMG_2098

And here is the photo, made into something more abstract. I love this for different reasons–the shapes and colors are fun. The background almost looks like a heat map or something. It certainly doesn’t look like anything that you’d actually see in nature, but I think that’s what makes it neat–it’s almost more like a painting than a photograph.

Buds 2 Abstract IMG_2098

I recently added the abstract print to my Etsy shop, and hope to create and add many more like it. Happy almost Friday!


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